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IPCC - "Not Ready" State

We have IPCC Express and when an agent is on the phone from a call into the queue or from another extension here and a call comes to the agent they are changed from a Ready to a Not Ready State.

How can we change this so the agent is not kicked off the system if they are on the phone?


Re: IPCC - "Not Ready" State

That is default behaviour. You cant change that

An alternative is to use separate lines for agent queue calls and personal lines. So if agent is on a personal call, he should use the personal line and not queue line. Calls from queue will still come on the phone that way.

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Re: IPCC - "Not Ready" State

This behavior is controlled by a system parameter within UCCX. You can modify it if needed; however, you almost always want to leave it enabled.

Can you clarify how the phone is configured today and which line the user is on?

--Does the phone have two directory numbers, or just one?

--If two, which DN is the user speaking on when a call is offered through CAD? The ACD line they receive call center calls on; or, another "personal" line?

If they are talking on the ACD line, CAD should not offer them another call. You will want to check the DN Busy (set to 1) and Maximum Call (set to 2) limits on the ACD line.

If they are talking on a separate "personal" line, then there is no way to prevent CAD from offering them a call if they have not gone into a Not Ready state manually. UCCX only watches the ACD line. In this case, it SHOULD be putting them into a not ready state so it doesn't keep offering them calls when they are obviously not available to take a call. Remember that the caller is not "in queue" while it is offering the call to an agent so none of the on-hold messages/logic will happen during this time.

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Re: IPCC - "Not Ready" State

We have phones that are single line phones(7911) with one DN and phones that have two lines(7940, 7960) with two DN's. Ex: DN 8007 would be the number people would call. DN 7007 would be the number that is the Agent ID for IPCC. So if someone called into the Queue and was directed to 7007 and the agent was on the phone with another call it logs them off as not ready. If someone calls 8007 directly and the person is on the phone with them and acall comes into the Queue and is directed to 7007 it still logs the agent off to not ready.

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Re: IPCC - "Not Ready" State

Please be careful using the phrase "log off". This means something very specific. I am going to assume you mean it changes their state to Not Ready (and they remain logged in to CAD). Please clarify if this is not correct.

If the agent is on an outbound call on the ACD line (7007 in your example), they should already be in an outbound/not ready state by virtue of being on a call. The icd subsystem should not be offering them calls at that point. Are you saying it does? Is CAD popping up with another contact from a queue WHILE the person is on the phone talking on the 7007 extension?

Your second sentence is correct (again, assuming you mean to say they are changing states) "If someone calls 8007 directly and the person is on the phone with them and acall comes into the Queue and is directed to 7007 it still logs the agent off to not ready." This is because it offered them the call for X seconds (defined in the Select Resource step) and they did not take it. It then changes them to a Not Ready state. This is supposed to happen and is how UCCX corrects bad behavior by the user. The user should have gone not ready manually if they are going to make calls on the 8007/non-ACD line.

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Re: IPCC - "Not Ready" State

What happpens when the agent receives a call from the queue is that it takes them from a ready state to a not ready state. You are correct it is not logging them off!

I you receive a call from the queue and while you are on the phone with that caller should you be prompted with another call, that will take you to a not ready state if you do not answer it?

That does not sound correct because it means you can never be on the phone answering calls from the queue and will always get taken to a not ready state.

Re: IPCC - "Not Ready" State


for this casee

the line that seen in the IPCC CRS admin page in the user setting in crmc this is the one the ipcc will keep track on it if busy or not

if you have the line busy no call wil come ifnot and the agent is ready call will sent to the agent

you can increase the number of seconds that the call will ring the agent till take him to not ready state in the crs script in the selct resources step there is a conect field and timeout set the time out for example to 20

this will ring the agent 20 seconds if did not answer will him not ready and take the call to the queue again


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Re: IPCC - "Not Ready" State

Within CRS Admin there is System Parameters and on that page there is the Application Parameters. In Application Parameters there is:

Agent State after ring no answer. I have changed this to ready and now when an angent misses a call they are still in a ready state like I wanted.

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Re: IPCC - "Not Ready" State

Have you tried disabling auto-answer on the phone or profile-

IN UCCEnterprise-had an issue with call-waiting that would auto-answer the incoming second call-sometimes ending the first call or placing them on hold-

Dis-abling auto-answer allowed call-waiting to work correctly-with the tone to the agent and they could use the phone to preview the second call information.

UCCE 7.2.2

CVP 4.1.1

UCM 4.2.3

794x, 796x.

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