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IPCC Transfer Call Display issue


I have a set-up a new IPCC script for a customer and it's working fine but they have requested a transfer option that I don't think I can do but was just looking for confirmation. Basically, they have numerous customers of their own that will each call into a supplied DDI (10 customers and 10 DDI'), this DDI will then match a specific route point and will then be forwaded to a specific jtapi trigger/application for this customer to run the script. I have set-up the line display on the route point on the CCM to be the name of that customer that calls in so that the agents will see 'for customer x' meaning that the call is originating from 'customer x' and they know immediatley what code to look on their machines. However when they answer the call and want to do a direct transfer to another agent they would like the originating information i.e 'for customer x' to be on the phone. I have tried messing around with the service parameters and Telephony Call Dispatcher options on the CCM and have not got very far. They are running CCM 3.3/IPCC 3.1 and the transfer options seem quite limited.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot



Re: IPCC Transfer Call Display issue

Looks to be an issue with an IPCC script that does not take into account agents not being available

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