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IPCCX 7.0 Cluster

Hi Experts/Friends,

                              We have 2 IPCXX servers one at main off and one at DR site.....first i builde main off server as first node and intigrated with CUCM 8.0 and it was working fine.....after few days 2nd server arrived and so i installed,uploded lic file and tried add to existing server(Main off server-First Node) but it was giving errors i dont remember errors sorry for per that errors and info i installed SQL 2k on botht the server and again tried to add to first node....using initial admin page...when i came to lic page and uploaded the lic file it was giving error that upload HA lic so i skiped this part moved forward but didnt questions are

wha is the cisco best practise method of adding node(clustering)?

how to know my lic file is HA lic file?

what are the prerequsits to install SQL 2k?

In this process i installed and uninstalled SQK  many time and now both the servers messed up and both ther servers are not working so i am planing to start from scrach so experts if you guys assist me step by step procedure for building this cluster that will be great help and appreciable.....thanks in advance.....please let me know any thing more info you need i will....thanks again.....


Re: IPCCX 7.0 Cluster


You can find the process that you need to follow under the following link (Page 17):

Basically you need to install both servers, try to install the latest OS patches, Install UCCX 7 in the Active and Inactive node, Install SQL in both nodes using the CD that comes with the server, run the initial setup in the first server and put is a first node and upload the license and finally run the setup in the second server. Please do not forget to active the services and proper publish activation for the server.

Also if you need to know which license file contains the HA feature what you can do is open does files using notepad and the one that says something like this "INCREMENT CRS_EXP_PRE_WARM_STBY cisco 7.0 permanen" is the one that contains the HA license feature


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Walter Solano

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Re: IPCCX 7.0 Cluster

Thank you so much....let me follow ur given guide, any issues i will get back to you........thank you again....

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