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IPCCX License File!!!

I know IPCCX come with 5 seat license when you order CCM4.1

I install CRS at subscriber, but when I access CRS by using web.. it ask me to browse License File.

Anyone know how can I get the demo lic??



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Re: IPCCX License File!!!

Hi Ken,

Here is the method to acquire the License file;

Using the Product Activation Key to Register

After you install the operating system but before you install Cisco CRA 3.1, you need to register your purchase.

Your copy of Cisco CRA 3.1 includes a unique Product Activation Key (PAK) that you use to register your product purchase. You can find the PAK on the sleeve that contains CD 1.

If you have already installed Cisco CRA and are purchasing additional product licenses, you will receive a Software License Claim Certificate that provides a PAK for the additional licenses.

After you register your purchase, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that contains the appropriate license file(s). The Cisco CRA installer uses the license files to validate your product purchase and to determine which components to install on your server.

To register your PAK on the Cisco Connection Online Customer Registration web page, follow these steps:



Step 1 Locate your Product Activation Key (PAK).

Your PAK is on the sleeve that contains CD 1 or, if you have already installed CRA 3.1 and you are adding components, on the Software License Claim Certificate that you received with your order.

Step 2 If you are a registered user of Cisco Connection Online, use this URL to access the Cisco Connection Online Customer Registration web page:

The Cisco Connection Online Customer web page appears.

Step 3 Enter your customer information and PAK.

The registration page validates your order and e-mails the appropriate license file(s) to you.

From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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