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IPMA Assitance


so i think im just not grasping IPMA as it is intended to work. im configuring IPMA proxy mode in CCM 5.1 and i have everything working (or i think i do) except Divert All.

here is how i think it should work- the manager has extension 2500 and the assistant has extension 2501. they have an intercom of 1000. now in proxy mode i have a RP of DN 2XXX and the service parameter configured as in the document. what i think should happen is that all calls to 2500 should go to 2501 if the manager hits the divert all button. what does happen is it goes to his extension but if he hits the divert button it goes to 2501 which is the assistants ext. now under the assistant configuration i see in available lines the assistant's extension as well as auto 200x which is automatically configured. when i choose this number nothing happens.

again, i think im misunderstanding how this is supposed to work as well as how to test so anyone that can give me a run down would be greatly appreciated.

Note i have eread the docs so youre dealing with a hard head :)

p.s i included a filter for testing which was a calling number of 868667039x which i included as a number if natched to be diverted.


Re: IPMA Assitance

can anyone point me in the right direction. just needed to know if i was going about testing this thing incorrectly.


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