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IPSEC Configuration on CCM7.1


I have a customer requirement to configure authentication and signaling encryption between CCM7.1, gateway and unity connection 7.1

The cluster looks like this.

1. 1 pub and 2 subscriber

2. 2 unity connection server in a cluster

3. voice gateway for remote site.

I need to encrypt signalling and authenication between

1. CCM and MGCP gateway

2. CCM and CCM

3. CCM and unityConnection.


CCM and mgcp gateway

1. Do I need to configure IPSEC policy on each CCM server that the MGCP gateway will be talking to. I assume this will be the case?

2. The configuration parameters on CCM needs clarification.

2a. Authentication Method: Certificate or pre-shared key?

if its preshared key, then what value do I enter for the pre-shared key (or can I leave it blank)?

2b. peer type: same or different? ( I observed than when you slect pre-share as authentication method, this is greyed out)

2c. Destination address: ( should this be IP address of mgcp gateway interface)

2d. Detination port: ANY ( I belive IPSEC does not do protocol specific)

2e Source address: IP address of CCM

2f  remote port: ( what should this be?) is it mgcp gateway udp port 2428?

2g encryption algortithn: des or 3des ( can it be anything as long as it matches the crypto isakmp config on gateway?)

2h: hash algorithm : ha1 or md5?

2i:esp algorithm: ? null encryption or des or 3des?

2j: Phase 1 DH: 1, 2 0r 5?

2k: phase 1 lifetime 3600?

3. Do I need to configure cryto isakmp on the IOS MGCP gateway to talk to CCM? I believe this is correct.

2. CCM and CCM

Do I need to configure an IPsec policy between each CCM server in the cluster. ie

pub to sub 1

pub to sub 2

sub1 to pub

sub2 to pub

sub1 to sub 2

sub2 to sub1

3. Finally CCM and Unity connection

Do I nee dto configure ipsec policy between each CCM server that unioty connection will be registering with. i.e

Sub1 to Unity connection 1 (and vice versa)

sub1 to unity connection 2 (and vice versa)

sub 2 to UC 1 (and vice versa)

sub2 to UC2 (and vice versa)

Your thoughts will be much appreciated. I am really lost on this one! Never felt so lost in such a long long time!

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