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New Member

IPT pre-sales questions for clients

I was wondering if anyone had a list of questions that you would ask after you get the deal signed of putting in a IPT solutions, like CallManager, Unity, etc.? I cant seem to find anything on it and would appreciate the help if anyone has a document that says "I need to ask these questions up front before installing"? Thanks.


Re: IPT pre-sales questions for clients

I would assume you would ask questions to help prepare you for the installation, as examples:

1. What IP addresses to assign Cms and Unity servers

2. What should the servers hostname be?

3. For Unity what is the domain name? or any other domain and AD related questions?

4. What features to enable on CM (MoH, Call Park, group pickup, etc) and Unity?


Re: IPT pre-sales questions for clients

In addition to the above mentioned:

5. Numbering plan (number of digits, DID ranges, et cetera)

6. Any services required (Extension Mobility, Attendant Console)?

7. Identify the cut-over date/time in case of migration

8. Passwords/how to access switches in case of existing switch environment


Re: IPT pre-sales questions for clients

normally here is my list exclusive of the above great posts

1. listing of all users and departments and thier extensions

2. thier calling privileges - cell local int ext

2. hunt groups, call-park,call pickup - how they want it to be setup

3. if auto attendant in the mix how they want it to be used as well as the step menu they desire

4. any special MOH file they might require

5. IPMA - if there are any configs for manager assistant

6. identification of type of phone for each user and better yet the actual MAC address of the phone assigned. if the phones are not there as yet dont worry.

7. Router configurations (existing)

8. Switch type and configuration for VLANs ETC

9. i always ask for a current network topology inclusive of firewalls etc. if firewalls are involved in the network always ensure that you have an expert present in cases where they need to open ports or add new subnets etc.

10. also, always have them identify how they would like calls via a simple flow chart. example, call into the organisation, hit the AA or operator, hunts and then terminates to voicemail. if call goes to a hunt, how many times you need it to go through the phones and how much rings per phone before going to voicemail. also, when going to voicemail, should it be a general voicemail where everyone can check?. finally, should the voicemail be in the form of a quesitonaire to get as much information from the caller or should it be simple.

other than that the main main thing is the Dial-patterns and CSS. make sure yo uplan this out before hand so it goes smoothly. also, as a practise, i try not to go into too much configurations (like #10) but as well make sure they get something good for thier money cause it can get really time consuming. stick to the scope of work (which should always be clearly defined but we all know how that goes) and then build on that after project completion.

there is also a customer site survey or rather ipt pre-assesment available on Cisco site that is supposed to ensure that the customer is ready for IPT but that might be after the fact since the deal is already closed.