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Is it possible to remove Change Password Bottom when an user is logging out from extension mobility?.. in CCM 8.6 ...

I mean.. the credential poliy is set when "User Must Change at Next Login"... and it´s do it... login is not the problem... the user can change the password by a personal password.. but when they´re logging out.. the change password bottom appears again.. is it possible to deactivate this bottom when they are logging out?.

New Member

In fact when the user is

In fact when the user is logging out from Extension Mobility the Iphone says:


Logout userid?


Yes  No   Set PIN


we would like to remove Set PIN botom, is it possible?



New Member

Hi CarlettersWe are facing

Hi Carletters

We are facing same problem here with version 9.1.2. Customer want to prevent "Set PIN" softkey from end user.


Have u got this resolved ? It would be great if you could share resolution.


New Member

it is not possible to remove

it is not possible to remove the option, also not in release 10

it can be a security issue aswell within the company I can imagine, if the PIN options is there.

some of my customers have been using a sso application from a company called rsconnect. they have created an em-sso and using this you can entirely remove the em ip phone services from your phone, use https and significally increase em security.

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