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ISDN BRI Voice Provisioning

Can anyone tell me how to ask the telco (AT&T) how to properly provision a BRI circuit for Voice? We need to have the ability to receive voice calls on either directory number. They can't seem to get it right. For example: If we receive a call on directory number 1 we would like to be able to receive a second call to the same number on the second b channel. The telco does not know how to do this. They first installed ACO (Additional Call Offering) but it does not really work. As the moment we try to pick up the second call, the gateway releases it. Then they tried call hunting to the second number and this almost works except that we get the incoming called number of the second spid instead of the first one.

example: PDN XXX1511 SDN XXX1548 if we get a call to the 1511 number and then while we are on that call we get another one to that same number, it comes into our gateway as 1548 instead of 1511. We need to have the incoming called number info correct so that we can properly route the call.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: ISDN BRI Voice Provisioning

While they figure out how to do something so simple (works that way everywhere), what prevents you from translating the other number to 1511 ?

I mean, if the call is there, you know that someone called 1511 for sure.

Anyway, the correct method is ACO. You should get a trace to show why and how the GW is dropping the second call.

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Re: ISDN BRI Voice Provisioning

The reason that we would like to have the correct DN show up on the DID is for routing purposes. If someone does call 1548 then we want to send them to the fax machine automatically. If the call 1511 we want to answer the line. When we use ACO on CME, the line rings and when we pick it up, CME just drops the call. Tracing indicates that there is no B Channel assigned to it. If we drop the first call and then pick up the ringing line, the call comes in fine. I was thinking that what we need is to have Multiple call appearances per spid or CACH EKTS enabled but I wanted to make sure first before wasting more time and money with the telco.

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Re: ISDN BRI Voice Provisioning

I see, did not realize that you have DID.

Now, the router had no choice in dropping a call where no channel was indicated.

Seems to me you need the additional features, of which the 'multiple call per spid' seems matching while i never heard of the other one.

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Re: ISDN BRI Voice Provisioning

I will call the telco tomorrow morning and ask them to change the provisioning to include multiple call appearances per spid and see what happens. I will post the solution if we find it.

Thank you.

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