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ISDN E1 through CME router to PBX

Im looking to start moving a compnay from thier legacy PBX over to a call manager express setup, the issue is the PBX has been in for some time and nobody seems to know how to , or even have access to view or change any config.

All calls come in on a single ISDN 30 with 10 channels utilised ( im led to believe)

What we currently have is  ISDN E1 > Lucent PBX

What I am aiming for is ISDN E1 > 38xx router > Lucent PBX

Day 1 all calls to flow through the router from ISDN into the PBX untouched

Then adding phones into the CME environment to be able to dial into the legacy PBX

This looks simple and i would have thought very common way but i have found very little on how to

can anyone point me in the right direction ?


Re: ISDN E1 through CME router to PBX

Hi Paul.
If you want to connect a CUCME to an existing PBX, you have to choose between QSIG, H323 and SIP if the legacy PBX supports them.
Anyway to route calls between these two systems you should be able also to configure the Legacy PBX.
If you know the model of this PBX we could lead you to a direction.

Let us know



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