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isdn original called number

Running cm 5 and doing call forwarding to a cell phone called party and calling party are correct but the tx to the carrier is also sending original called number which is the 4 digit extension and carrier appears to be taking that as caller id. Is there a way to stop this from going out. I can't see in cm definition how this gets generated.

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Re: isdn original called number

Hi, are you using MGCP or H.323 ?

What do you want be sent out ? Remember that unless you telco allows (only in some parts of the USA), you cannot have the original number to show for calls you originate, because that would allow you to pretend to be someone else.

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Re: isdn original called number

okay, you seem to know the score

on a debug isdn 931

the calling party is the the original incoming phone

the called party is the forwarded cell phone

the original called number is say 2262 which is the 4 digit did that came in in the first place.

H323 not mgcp now when the call goes out the caller sees xxx.xxx2262 instead of the calling party that came in. I was thinking that it has to do with the original called party being passed. When I check this out on a cm 4 system with mgcp and do a forward all on the phone, I don't see the original called number field in the isdn debug. I think that is the issue because if an ip phone calls out with a mask of say 888888888 that is what shows up on the phone. It is only when the call is forwarded.

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Re: isdn original called number

Hi, it is possible that the "cm 4" that you mentioned is served by by a telco that let you pass any number, all 8s or White House number as you want.

Now you need the config on CM to copy the original called number into calling number, Sorry i don't have that, but I know it should possible, someone will be able to help you.

I could you provide you with TAC/IVR script that does the above on GW, but that's probably an overkill.

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Re: isdn original called number

I fixed it by stop sending the redirection to the gateway and therefore the carrier as I could not stop them from using redirected number or original called number as caller id

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