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Issue with POTS and unable to hear voice

I have the following setup

Main location:

CCM 4.0

2 PRI lines

Remote Location

Connection - DSL

Firewalled - yes

Router - 2811 with VWIC / 2 FXO

two installed POTS

My original setup had the remote location coming over the wan and using our PRI's to make outbound calls. THis is a seperate company and they installed two POTS lines into their router.

I configured the router to use the FXP ports as MGCP

I configured route patterns in the CCM to do the following

1) using both POTS at the remote loaction. If they are full to roll out our PRI

This works fines, I am running into an issue where:

1) if someone makes a outbound call and goes over the pots. It connects and works. If that person were to transfer the called party to voice mail or to an IP phone at the main location. It rings, the remote location ansers and the call is sent. But no one hears anything. Its dead silence.

2) if someone calls in on the POTS lines, the remote office can answer it and talk. If the recp left her desk and it goes to voicemail (At the main location) it connects but dead silence.

I think its a codec issue but the call doesnt drop. It connects fine and stays connected.

As anyone seen this? Does it sound like a firewall issue?


Re: Issue with POTS and unable to hear voice

Disable Caller ID on the FXO ports

CSCse56660: inbound calls to fxo port fail (no audio) when caller-id enabled

New Member

Re: Issue with POTS and unable to hear voice

I seen that, but there is audio when the local IP Phones (Local to the router with the POTS) answers. They can hear and talk fine. The problem is when that call gets sent over the wan to the vmail. Or if they attempt to transfer a call to another department (to the main site)

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