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Issues in CISCO IP Phone 7945


I would like to ask for technical assistance. Our office has the IP telephony system with the CISCO IP Phone 7945. After 3 years of using the system, the ff. issues had arise:

1. We had this IP phone deployed in one office that is sent to our office for repair. This phone is only showing an upgrading status with its MAC address shown on the screen, but it is on a hanging status and doesn't upgrade at all. I would like to know what troubleshooting measures is to be done when an IP Phone is being like this? Can it still be repaired or it needs to be replaced?

2. Some IP Phones over here doesn't display the Missed calls, received calls and placed calls after dialing the buttons within the directories of the ip phone. Some people have reported this to me and I have absolutely no idea on what to do about this

3. One IP Phone that was replaced by the supplier doesn't connect to the call manager even after adding its MAC address into the CUCM and after adjusting the TFTP server. It just upgrades and continues to restart over and over. I would like to know what troubleshooting is to be done?

4. Finally, does anyone know how to adjust the time settings to the IP Phone? Is this done at the CISCO Call Manager? What are the steps to adjust the time on the IP Phone? Currently, the time of the IP Phone is advanced by 15 minutes

I hope for your kind assistance

Thank you very much


Issues in CISCO IP Phone 7945

Hi April,

Could you please tell us the version of CUCM you are running and the version of firmware that the 7945 in question is on?

The phone gets the time from CallManager, callmanager gets the time from a NTP server. Please check if the NTP server is still accessible by navigating to Cisco OS administration -> Settings -> NTP version. If its not accessible,please add a NTP server that will be accessible.

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Issues in CISCO IP Phone 7945

the CUCM version that we are using is it needs to be upgraded because last year we experienced downtime of the call manager for about 3 times and now there's an ongoing bidding for our office to purchase the latest CUCM version.

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