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Issues with 7912G Phone

I admin a small CCM setup on a network where I don't have access to the DHCP servers to setup option 66/150 for a tftp server. Because of this, I use a work around where the phones are setup temporarily static with the tftp details entered, rebooted and then switched to dhcp which saves the tftp server details in flash.

However i've come across a phone where no matter what I do, as soon as the phone is set to DHCP, it drops all its settings and fails to even pickup an IP address or DHCP server address. VLAN configuration is disabled so all that's displayed is something along the lines of "Getting IP from DHCP" which is about the same time the phone resets. Every other phone I've got grabs an IP address and just mulls on the fact that it doesn't have a TFTP server and gets stuck on "Setting up IP Address" or somesuch. I've tried a factory default reset and tried to replicate the issue on other phones without success.

Any suggestions? Am I missing something simple? I'm thinking it might just be easier to return the phone.



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Re: Issues with 7912G Phone

Check ->setting->status->Network Statistics

there you will find recv(for receiving traffic) & xmt(for transmit data).Both the counters should increase.If you find any one of remains same (i.e no traffic on that..) then try changing the cable..

Still you find no acitivity on that recv or xmt then there may be chance of hardware problem of the phone


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Re: Issues with 7912G Phone

Sorry, I should have elaborated further. The phone works fine when a static IP is specified and all the relevant details (DNS/TFTP/Domain/Router) are configured. The problems arise when DHCP is involved.

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