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Jabber on Iphones - one way audio


Hello ,


i have configured , cisco jabber on iPhone. i am facing one way sudio issue . issue description is as below :


if i call from JABBER-iphone to Desk phone i can not hear the voice from DESK phone but Desk phone user can not hear me ?


i have cup ver 9.x and CUCM 9.x


please advice

VIP Super Bronze

One-way audio is typically a

One-way audio is typically a network problem, not a VoIP problem. Can you source-ping the destination phone from the default gateway of the wireless subnet your iPhone is on? If yes, you may want to run a quick packet capture on the WLC to ensure the client is sending the RTP packets (this is unlikely to be the problem though).

One other thing to check is to ensure that the 200 OK SIP message to the iPhone has the correct SDP information, namely the correct IPv4 address of the phone. This should be pretty straight forward unless there is NAT going on.

Lastly, keep an eye out of Layer7-aware firewalls (e.g. ASA) in the traffic path. It is possible they are manipulating the SIP/SDP messaging.

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