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Jabber Softphone with Webex?

Can (or should) the Jabber Windows/Mac client be used as a softphone when it's configured for Cisco Webex (versus Presence) integration?           

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Jabber Softphone with Webex?

The Jabber client can be configured as a softphone when it is configured for WebEx Mesenger. It does require VPN connectivity into your local network so as to access CUCM to make and receive phone calls.

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Jabber Softphone with Webex?

The short answer from TAC on this ... NO. You can't configure Jabber Windows as a softphone client when it is uses WebEx as a server. Something about the CCMCIP services required that would normally be provided via a local Presence Server.

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Jabber Softphone with Webex?

Hi Brian,

Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are trying to do.

If you have a CUCM server locally and you have Webex Messenger as your Jabber server, you can configure the jabber client to work both with a deskphone and as a softphone. The only caveat is that if you are not on the corporate network, you must VPN into the network in order for the softphone to work.

I have many customers using the exact same setup of WebEx for IM/P and using softphone/deskphone with Jabber to thier local CUCM cluster.


Re: Jabber Softphone with Webex?

I believe what Brian is asking, is related to the server type setting in the actual jabber client  (where there is a choice between webex (which is webex connect) and presence. You can only select one option here. when you choose Cisco WebEx, as the server type, you can only do CTI deskphone control, NOT softphone/CSFclient.

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Jabber Softphone with Webex?

Brian (+5) to Donald...He is correct and TAC must be telling you something else. I have recently deployed this and it is resounding YES you can can have softphone either via Jabber for Windows/MAC/IPAD/Iphone/Android.

This type of solution is described a hybrid-mode

What you need is

1. Configure your webex messenger for unified communications..CUCM, Unity connection etc

2. define your UC cluster, configure your TFTP, CCMIP and CTI servers

3. Assign your users to the relevant UC cluster in webex messenger

4. If you are not on your corporate network, ensure you have VPN connectivity into your corporate network..

5. Configure your phone accounts in your jabber clients (If you are using AD, then you will need your user AD username and password as the credentials for your phone accounts)

6. NB: Jabber for windows 9.2.2 has a bug where the user account is not catched, so each time user has to enter their credentiasl..Very frustratiing--I had to use 9.1.5

7. To make user experience easier you can use jaber-config.xml to create a single interface to login to both cucm and unity connection for VM, other wise users have to enter their login for both seperately

My 2 cents...

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