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Jabber Video Calls



I need to confirm that only Video calls with jabber can be held only using Jabber for video and if it is a must to have Tele-presence server ?


Ordering Requirements for Jabber Video Enterprise

Cisco TelePresence Management Server




Or video calls can be held using Jabber voice or also jabber for IM or also jabber for windows ? and if so how to start video show while the call is going ?





Cisco Employee

Aside from the very few (and

Aside from the very few (and old) jabber versions which were IM only, you can pretty much do video calls with all the new jabber clients, either using CUCM or VCS + tms



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thanks Jaime for replySo when

thanks Jaime for reply

So when jabber voice call another jabber voice. is the video session start automatically ? or I need to trigger it to start the video conversation ? and how ?




VIP Super Bronze

Two points to clarify:Jabber

Two points to clarify:

  • Jabber is a brand, not a specific product. There are older clients that are still visible in the app stores (e.g. Jabber Voice, Jabber Video, etc) but these are only published for customers who have a legacy install already deployed. The "Cisco Jabber" app is what you would use for a new deployment.
  • Whether video starts automatically or not is determined by three factors:
    • Whether call admission control allows it. This is a bandwidth tracking feature and at any given time, CUCM may determine there is insufficient bandwidth between two locations and deny the video feature.
    • If the user has toggled the "Never start with video" setting on their client.
    • If the admin has toggled the global "Never start with video" service parameter.

Great Jonathanthe word Jabber

Great Jonathan

the word Jabber is a brand not product is clearing all doubts


Only I tried to create CSF device with cucm 10.5

And tried to register Jabber with the CUCM as softphone without having IM & Presence server by login user name and password


But it fails

So is jabber still require the presence server to register ?

I tried the boot strap install with DEVICE_TYPE=Phone_Mode but not help


Is it doable ?




VIP Super Bronze

Phone Mode is relatively new

Phone Mode is relatively new and only exists on the Jabber for Windows client thus far. That's the only scenario where the current Cisco Jabber client doesn't require an IM&P server. Remember that the IM&P server software or functionality is free; all you need is the necessary compute power and time to install/configure it.

The only reason they are releasing Phone Mode in the first place is to eventually be able to end of life the IP Communicator client. That's likely a ways out still though considering how many features CIPC has that Jabber still lacks.

Here's the relevant config checklist for phone mode. Make sure you've taken care of each of these steps:



I tried this that is exist in the link you sent

  • On-Premises Deployment
    msiexec.exe /i CiscoJabberSetup.msi CLEAR=1
     PRODUCT_MODE=Phone_Mode TFTP= LANGUAGE=1033 /quiet


But there is no PRODUCT_MODE=Phone_Mode parameter in CUCM 10.5

When I try help, i found parameter called TYPE,

So it failed to get this and failed to register


Only for not mis understanding,, you mean with phone mode is jabber alone as IP communicator and not controlling an IP Phone. right ?



Cisco Employee

That's an install parameter

That's an install parameter for J4W, not a CUCM parameter, the snip you posted clearly shows that.

You should see that option when you try to log into J4W, if you try to customize the options, a phone only mode should be there.



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Hi Jaime, Yes I have tried

Hi Jaime,


Yes I have tried with J4W but it is didn't recognize it


Now, I need to know when Jabber for voice start supporting video calls

It is on CUCM 10 or before ?


Or it is supported only with J4w ?





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