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JTAPI messages - CUCM - Genesys integration

Hi, would like to know JTAPI messages and material, like what type of messages is sent to CUCM via remote application, and what type of response CUCM sends to the remote application. Specifically interested to know the background for the following paragraph:


CME: is a Genesys application where DNs are created

T-Server: is a Genesys component which is connected with CUCM through JTAPI link


If a DN is added to CME, TServer/Jtapi does not send LineOpenRequest to CUCM.

On Startup Tserver/Jtapi sends a ProviderOpen request for each jtapi link, essentially subscribing to info on the link. After that CUCM notifies jtapi about all of the DNs on that link. If a new DN is added to CUCM, and then associated to an open link, jtapi get's notified and sends LineOpenRequest.

For the DN 5557245401 we can see that when it was deleted/added to CUCM yesterday jtapi also sent the open request:

120464678: Sep 16 14:50:55.943 EDT %JTAPI-PROTOCOL-7-UNK:(P1- [Thread-570074] sending: {
  sequenceNumber   = 626595
  deviceName       = SEP68BC0C80F303
  lineName         = 5557245401
Per my understanding this should be sufficent enough for CTI Manager to send CTI events on this DN going forward.. but that doesn't seem to be happening for most of these DNs.

Hope to have any expert answer in a brief .... much appreciated.


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