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Keeping phones on different firmware loads

Normally I would look to do this but I am troubleshooting a feature problem on my phones and would like to have my phone, possible one or two others, on a different firmware load from what is being used in production.  I am new to call manager and havent found a way to do this.  It has to be something simple.  Would appreciate any suggestions.

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Download the required

Download the required firmware ZIP file from CISCO site.

Upload it in TFTP servers and restart TFTP service.

Copy the new load name to the required phones and unplug the phone and plug it back.



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No! If you do this, all your

No! If you do this, all your production phones will upgrade their firmware and in the process will reboot. what you do is this..

1. Go to CUCM and copy the default device firmware for the phone type in question..

Device>device settings>device defaults

eg for a 7942 on my cluster it is..SCCP42.9-1-1SR1S

Download the required firmware, use the OS admin page to install the firmware

2. Go to the device defaults page above, and if it has changed to the new firmware, copy it some where, then replace it with the old firmware you copied in step 1

3. Go to the phone page you want to upgrade firmware for..scroll down to "Phone Load Name" and copy the new firmware to load name into this field

4. restart the phone..If the phone doesnt pickup the new firmware, restart your tftp service. ensure that before you restart tftp, your default firmware is set back to the old one as explained above otherwise you runt he risk of all your phones upgrading to the new firmware


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Saif's method with the ZIP

Saif's method with the ZIP file is the correct method.  It will not change the device defaults nor upgrade every phone.  What he did fail to mention, you don't upload the default.loads file which is in that ZIP file because this will affect any phone of that model which gets a factory reset.

Your method works, but with more steps.  In my opinion, the ZIP file method is the best method for selectively upgrading phones.

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Well,The documentation


The documentation provided by Rob detailed the exact steps I outlined. The ZIP file contains individual files, you need the cop.sgn file to install the firmware unless I am missing something. You cant install a zip file on the CUCM..

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Hi Ronald, In addition to the

Hi Ronald,


In addition to the good tips from Saif (+5) this doc has a good step by step :)


Upgrade IP Phone Firmware Individually




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