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Latest stable Unified communications Manager version

Which call manager version is more stable 7.1.3 or  8.X .

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Re: Latest stable Unified communications Manager version

Hi Dino,

Many people try to stay away from .0 builds like 8.0 due to the number

of new and yet to be discovered bugs. What the most stable version is

may be up for debate, but the version that we are recommending these days

is 7.1(3b)su2. It's been out for some time and is working well



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Re: Latest stable Unified communications Manager version

Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for your quick response.

Customer is very keen to go for CCM 8.series. I think CCM 8.0(2c)SU1 is the latest available version. What do you think about this version ?  If I have to go for CCM 8, which release would be the ideal one? pls post your comments.



Re: Latest stable Unified communications Manager version

When asking for which version of code to recommend on an open forum, you

have to expect most people to be conservative. I mean, there are too many

variables at play. The only "right" answer is to recommend you identify the

requirements (with weights and criticality). Then research the releases and

defects yourself. Then identify a target release. Once you do this, you

should test your requirements against that release. If your test passes

then you are good to go. If it doesn't then you have some choices to make.

That being said, I am with Rob on recommending 7.1.3bsu2. We recommend this

to all of our customers and it is sometimes a struggle because Cisco account

teams like to push for the latest and greatest. I prefer proven stability

myself and you can look at the 8.0 release history to get a clear picture as

to why guys like Rob and I tend to be conservative.

Now, if the customer requires 8.0 then there is little choice. You go with

the latest service release. Research the heck out of it and test twice as


Maybe reading through this will give you some ideas:

Note that we aren't suggesting that 8.0 will fall apart on you. We have

just been around the block one too many times with the infamous dot-zero





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