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LDAP integration CCM 6.1 in LDAP auth and sync mode

Hi there to everybody:

I have done a LDAP integration within my UCCM 6.1. The LDAP directory is SUN.

But i detected a weird behavior when everything is up and running.

The normal behavior is that CCM retrieves all the users that haves the LDAP directory, and erases all the users that don't exist in the LDAP directory.

But my CCM ( with the dirsync service activated) dont erase this users and says that are well synced with my LDAP directory.

Another weird behavior is that the other users are not synced from my callmanager (the users that don't haves his own end user ccm account).

My LDAP directory haves aproximately 80K users i don't know if the problems comes with the amount of the accounts or comes from another issue (search base word?).

Can somebody help me about?

Thanks in advance !!!

If you need more details please don't hesitate to tell me about.


Cisco Employee

Re: LDAP integration CCM 6.1 in LDAP auth and sync mode

users won't disappear immediately, read this

Synchronization Mechanism

i've heard of cases on which it took almost 3 days before users were gone from CUCM due to the amount of users



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Re: LDAP integration CCM 6.1 in LDAP auth and sync mode

with only LDAP auth u need to have a use account created on the CUCM and ldap directory as well while when u use it as auth and sync the accounts will be replicated from the ldap directory to the CUCM without the need of creating any account on the CUCM actually u will not be able ti creat or change user account like usernname or password but u will be able to change and control users' settings that relate to CUCM services such as PIN number

and the change will be replicated between CUCM and the ldap within 24 hours !!

so the user accounts now will be pulled up from the ldap not from the CUCM anymore

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Re: LDAP integration CCM 6.1 in LDAP auth and sync mode

Your info is useful, but by now i detected the root of the issue doing traces with the rtmt tool.

Anybody can figure out the output that i obtain with the rtmt tool?

I attatched the output in this entry as outcome.txt

Thanks in advance to all of you

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