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License Question for Upgrading CUCM from 4.X to 6.1.2

Dear All,

I'm planning to upgrade CUCM from version 4.2.3 to 6.1.2, on 2 servers (Pub & Sub), I have two questions regarding this upgrade:



I received 2 different PAK with the same Product Number (CM6.1U4-K9-7835) SW Upgrade CM 4.1/4.2 to CM 6.1 - 7835, should I activate both on Cisco Licensing website or I should open a TAC case with Cisco to merge both into one license with 2 nodes as each one has only 1 server node license & I have 2 nodes installed in my system (Publisher & Subscriber.



The sequence of the upgrade still confusing in the document, I should run DMA tools only on publisher server or on both publisher & subscriber, after the Publisher upgrade I should apply the license file or after finishing both (Pub/Sub) upgrade.

Kindly if anyone did this upgrade before share with me the exact steps of upgrading 2 nodes.

I already did one node upgrade in Lab and it success to migrate DLUs only but I couldn't activate any feature license or perform this upgrade on 2 servers.


Ahmed Rizk

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: License Question for Upgrading CUCM from 4.X to 6.1.2

Hi Ahmed,

You should be fine with the 2 PAK's. Register these so you can recieve the new 6.x Feature Licenses. When you get the email back from you will receive a confirmation that will be used with Step #3 below.

Check out Pages 170-174 of this rather large pdf. The methods for obtaining the 6.x license are nicely explained;

Upgrading From Cisco Unified CallManager 4.x Releases

When you upgrade from supported Cisco Unified CallManager 4.x releases, the system calculates the licenses that are required for existing devices and existing nodes and generates an intermediate file (XML file) that contains this information. You use this file to obtain license files that you can upgrade into Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration. You receive these licenses free of cost because you are already using these phones for a Cisco Unified CallManager 4.x release. Use the following procedure to obtain licenses for Cisco Unified Communications Manager when upgrading from supported 4.x releases.

Obtaining a License File


Step 1 After you complete the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration upgrade process, as described in Upgrading Cisco Unified Communications Manager, navigate to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration and choose System > Licensing > License File Upload.

The License File Upload window displays.

Step 2 Choose the licugrade_.lic file from the Existing Files drop-down list and click View File. A pop-up window displays that has the license information for existing devices and nodes. Copy this information. To copy the contents on this window, you can use Ctrl-A (Select All) and Ctrl-C (Copy).

Step 3 Navigate to the License Registration web tool at

Step 4 Enter the MAC address of the Ethernet 0 NIC of the first node of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager in the cluster.

Step 5 In the text box that is provided, paste the license file contents that you copied in Step 4 by using the appropriate keyboard shortcuts, such as Ctrl-V.

Step 6 Enter a valid e-mail address and click Continue. A license file generates.

The system sends the license file to you via e-mail by using the E-mail address that you provided.

Step 7 You must upload the license file to the server with the matching MAC address that you provided in Step 4. See the “Uploading a License File” section on page 28-7.

Step 8 You can obtain licenses for new devices that you are adding to the upgraded system, if your system requires additional device license units.

Question #2

DMA is just is run on the 4.2(3) Publisher only. This is done prior to starting the upgrade. Choose the Windows migration option on the build of the first new 6.1(x) Node:(

Import Windows Data

This option allows you to import database information from a Cisco Unified Communications Manager 4.x system by using a file that the Data Migration Assistant (DMA) tool produces.

Upgrading the First Cisco Unified Communications Manager Node

When you choose Windows Upgrade, the installation wizard prompts you for the location of the preexisting Windows configuration information that the Data Migration Assistant (DMA) tool created. See the Data Migration Assistant User Guide for more information on the DMA tool.

Step 1 - In the Windows Upgrade window, import data from a Windows version of Cisco Unified Communications Manager by choosing Yes

Hope this helps!


Cisco Employee

Re: License Question for Upgrading CUCM from 4.X to 6.1.2

1st. both roads lead the same way, you can install the two licenses and avoid having licensing create one unique license. you'll get the same whether you install 2 with 1 node license or 1 with 2 nodes.

2 DMA is to be used on PUB. you can install license just after upgrading SUB or when 2 servers are installed. you cannot start the ccm service without the license but it does not prevent you to install other nodes.

once you have PUB installed just follow the install guide available on CCO to install SUBs.

BTW, you need the feature license. otherwise you cannot start CCM services and that is expected as now you need DLU, Nodes and feature license.



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