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Lifting Handset turns off headset button 7941G

     I am trying to make it so that when I lift the handset on my 7941G it doesn't turn off the headset light that is enabled and lit up.  Is this possible?  I am trying to use a wireless headset with a lifter, but when the lifter pulls the handset off the phone, it disables the headset.



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Re: Lifting Handset turns off headset button 7941G

Hi Derek,

If you are using a "Lifter" kit, then you must bypass the use of the Headset

button and wire it up as you would a standard telephone that doesn't have a seperate

Headset jack.As you have discovered, this won't work any other way

Headset Kit to phone (connect to Handset jack on base of 7941)

Handset from 7941 into Headset kit adaptor.

You may want to test the  new HHC (Headset Hookswitch Control) with Cordless Headsets  (Plantronics and Jabra) where the user will be able to answer calls from  the Headset itself without the use of a Handset Lifter. We use quite a few of these setups and they are really awesome and far cleaner.

For Plantronics;

With the use  of an Adaptor Part # APC-4 (called the HHC Adaptor) which plugs into  the Aux Port on the base of the phone allows calls to be answered and  disconnected via the Headset without the use of the Lifter

HHC adapter  (APC-4) Product Information

For  GN Netcom/Jabra (see attached)



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Re: Lifting Handset turns off headset button 7941G

Thank you for the very informative post.

I did end up having to go through the handset port unfortunately.  The Cisco phones I have are not on the approved list for the HHC cord, so looks like I will be using this configuration, which hasn't given me a problem yet.

Thanks again!

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