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Limit a Call Duration


i was wondering if there is a way to configure callmanager to limit the duration of calls.

for example:

if i(ext 1) call my boss(ext 2) the callmanager should not allow us to talk for more than 'x' seconds, or minutes.

Any help would be much apreciated.

Thanks in advanced,


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Re: Limit a Call Duration

i found that is posible to set a duration before call manager clears the call in this post "IP Telephony: limiting the duration of an offnet call" =D

now, i'm wondering if is it possible to set that just to outgoing calls to pstn but not to internal calls, or to apply that just to a certains range of extension




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Re: Limit a Call Duration

I understand this is not the answer to your question, but if I was you I would try to talk your customer out of this.

First of all, when you limit duration of calls, some kind of warning must be given before the time is over.

Second, what prevents the extension to place the call again ? Hnece rather that a per-call limit one would need to have a per-phone or per-user limit.

ASAIK CM can't don't neither the first nor the second thing.

As you can see the matter get hairy, beside I do not know of any competitor that supports this.

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Re: Limit a Call Duration


Indeed its quite complicated, but the customer it's asking for that.

the problem its that they are having large internal conversations and incoming calls(because the are in a call center enviroment) are not being attended.

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