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Limit Call Transfers

I have a client that is asking for limitations on call transfers. He would like the system setup so that outside calls can not be transfered to a group of phones. The rest of the phones on the network should be able to call the phones, but not transfer outside calls in to them.

I tried putting the gateway in its own partition with a CSS to only the "admin" phones and not the "restricted" phones. The admin phones have a CSS to reach both the gateway and restricted phones. I figured since the gateway can not directly talk to the restricted phones it would at least drop the call if transfered to it, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Any suggestions on this?


Re: Limit Call Transfers

Mmmm Im not sure why he wanna do that. I think thats not possible in the current CSS approach since CSS from GW is checked beofre delivering the call. Once call is connected and for transfers we dont check CSS of GW again but for the originator (IP Phone which answer original PSTN call)

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Re: Limit Call Transfers

The end result they want is that a group of phones should never be connected to an outside line. They want these phones to send and receive only internal calls.

Since there are no DIDs being transformed to any of these DNs the only way an outside call will reach them is if another phone transfers to the call to them. They want to make this part of the system and not rely on just business policy.

As usual, the end user doesn't know the technical stuff on the back end to make it work; they just state what they want. Their current system allows them to restrict these phones and thats what they are requesting on the new VoIP system.

If anyone has any ideas on how to make this work please let me know.



Re: Limit Call Transfers


If your 'admin' phones support two lines that can be done by setting one line that can call the 'restricted' phones (no did line) and one that receives outside calls (did line).

HTH, Avner.

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