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Limitations in CCM 6.0

Dear all,

I need to know what the limitations of the CCM 6.0 are for the follwoing parameters:

- Number of Partitions

- Number of Hunt Pilots

- Number of Line-Groups

- Number of hunt lists

- Number of Time Period

- Number of Time Schedules.

Thanks a lot for your kind cooperation.

Best regards,


Re: Limitations in CCM 6.0

- Number of Partitions -

2 Characters - 170 max

3 Characters - 128 max

4 Characters - 102 max

5 Characters - 86 max

10 Characters - 46 max

15 Characters - 32 max

SRND - "A calling search space (CSS) clause that call processing uses internally limits the maximum number of partitions. The CSS clause comprises the list of partitions in the calling search space by name. The CSS clause that call processing uses comprises a combination of a device CSS and the CSS for the directory number (DN) or route pattern that is associated with the device (for example, a line on a phone).

The maximum length of the combined CSS clause (device and pattern) comprises 1024 characters, including separator characters between partition names (for example, “partition 1:partition 2:partition 3”). Because the CSS clause uses partition names, the maximum number of partitions in a CSS varies depending on the length of the partition names. Also, because the CSS clause combines the CSS of the device and the CSS of the route pattern, the maximum character limit for an individual CSS specifies 512 (half of the combined CSS clause limit of 1024 characters).

When you are creating partitions and calling search spaces, keep the names of partitions short relative to the number of partitions that you plan to include in a calling search space"

This is the only information I managed to get. Sorry about that.

-> Sushil

Community Member

Re: Limitations in CCM 6.0

Thanks a lot ;·)

Cisco Employee

Re: Limitations in CCM 6.0

Sushi That info is for how many partitions you can have in a CSS combination using line and device CSS, not to the limit of partitions you can have on the system

it's the same limitation for route filters on how many clauses you can have, 1024 for the whole clause statement

For AC related elements go thru this:

AC Performance and Capacity

for several configurations we do not have hard numbers, most of it depends on the server capacity (CPU, RAM and HDD space) in case u ask, no we do not have tables to give numbers based on that.

you can go thru our SRND to look at some more stuff

Dial Plan



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate

Re: Limitations in CCM 6.0

HI javalenc,

I have gone through the SRND adn what you are saying is correct. Its not the overall limit on the number of partition.

Thanks for the clarity.

-> Sushil

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