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Line 2 in SRST mode

Hi Guys,

I have a remote site working off CCM 4.2 and the users have the main number AAAA as line 2 on all the phones in their office and their extensions as line 1. Therefore incoming calls ring all phones(line2) during normal operation and i need to replicate this setup in SRST mode. Below is the relevant config:


max-conferences 8 gain -6

transfer-system full-consult

limit-dn 7940 2

timeouts interdigit 4

ip source-address 192.168.X.X port 2000

max-ephones 24

max-dn 30 dual-line

system message primary Oops link is gone

dialplan-pattern 1 25.. extension-length 4 extension-pattern 25..

alias 1 AAAA to abcd

time-format 24

date-format dd-mm-yy

I have tried using the alias command but this only maps the main number to one extension and not all the phones.IOS is currently c2800nm-ipvoicek9-mz.124-22.T.bin .

Any ideas ??

New Member

Re: Line 2 in SRST mode

Any takers ??


Re: Line 2 in SRST mode

Check the SRST set up, In there may be the default setting to control the number of lines which can register when in SRST mode- maybe the default is 1 for all phones. Don`t forget that in theory all phones which have a SRST reference point can register on a first come first served basis- this includes lines as well so normally to stop phones, lines getting all the license the number of lines are restricted

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