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Line/Device CSS approach refuses to forward calls on busy noanswer

I have an issue with call forwarding using the line/device approach. It is happening on both version 7 and version 8 CCM. Any help appreciated.

When call forwarding all there is no issue, the customers DNs on call forward have the line CFA CSS set to the lines CSS and the secondary CSS set to the device CSS, this works ok.

The issue I have is that there is a customer who requires call forward no answer or call forward busy to a mobile. When I setup the forward busy, forward noanswer destination with the same line CSS as call forward all the forwards fail. I suspect that the call forward cannot find a gateway to direct the forward to due to the fact that the secondary CSS is ignored for forward busy, noanswer, unregistered etc.

Anyone esl came across the issue and anyone got any neat workarounds for it. I dont want to start creating forwarding CSS's based on the old traditional approach just to forward these type of calls, kind of defeats the purpose of using line/device in the first place.

Yours baffled


Line/Device CSS approach refuses to forward calls on busy noansw


I believe your line level CSS should be configured to restrict the call or might not be having the Partion to reach appropriate route pattern to reach Mobile Phones, and that mght be the reason for this issue. If you would like to allow CFNA or CFB to go to Mobile phone, you have assign the CSS (may be Device Level CSS) that should allow Mobile calls.



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Line/Device CSS approach refuses to forward calls on busy noansw


Yes, it's is a bit poor.

You can (as you have noted) set a primary secondary CSS for forwarding all, as this is 'user controllable' i.e. can be set by a user from the phone, and therefore needs to be controlled...

CFNA/CFB/all other forwards have a single CSS and therefore need to be restricted by setting a single 'old-fashioned' CSS. I suppose the theory is that mostly these forwards will be set to 'internal' and a single CSS will probably suit most users in your org. In practice that's not always the case, and users can set their forward busy/no ans themselves via ccmuser, so you have to configure extra CSSs.


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New Member

Line/Device CSS approach refuses to forward calls on busy noansw

Hi Aaron,

Thanks very much for the reply, at least it confirms what I suspected and what has to be done to resolve. Would be nice if Cisco could look at giving us some kind of device level CSS for these type of transfers in future releases.

Any way thanks again Aaron, looks like the traditional approach does have its merits -)

Take care bud


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