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Line group in Circular algorithm


I have a line group with 3 DN's that are in Circular Algorithm. These 3 dn's are set like for 1st dn will ring for 3 time and it will route to 2nd dn and same way after 3 rings it goes to 3rd DN. Now the issue is, if the 3rd dn is also not answer then it should route to 1st DN but this not happening. I have tried but result is none. so kindly give the solution on it.



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OK, let's clarify something,

OK, let's clarify something, circular does not mean you will keep ringing on all phones until someone picks up, it means you'll start on the n+1 member who got the last call.

If you choose this distribution algorithm, Cisco Unified CM distributes a call to idle or available members starting from the (n+1)th member of a route group, where the nth member is the next sequential member in the list who is either idle or busy but not "down." If the nth member is the last member of a route group, Cisco Unified CM distributes a call starting from the top of the route group.

If you were expecting the call to ring forever thru all phones, that's not how this is supposed to work.

What you mentioned, is how it's supposed to work, at least for the very first call.





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You are right, i tested it,

You are right, i tested it, it cannot distribute the call back to the first DN....yes

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as my understanding, It seems

as my understanding, It seems there are 2 timeout for a call.

  • RNA Reversion Timeout is the timeout for retrieve the call.
  • Session timeout, it will limit the total timeout for this call session.

So if you have any AA, it seems that the session timeout could be adjusted in the AA scripts.


if the session timeout is the key point cause, you could try to decrease the RNA timeout, make the RNA timeout * 3 < session timeout, then it could be route back to DN 1.


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Hi All,Thanks for your

Hi All,

Thanks for your clarification. Now I can understand the working process of circular algorithm. But how can i complete my task where after the 3 ring, the call has to be routed to 1st DN from 3rd DN. This is user request. So please guide me


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