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Line Text does not change on 7945 or 7965 Display - Software/Firmware Update Needed?


We use Cisco Model 7945 & 7965 VoIP phones.  In CM Admin, when I change a line to a different extension, the line text display on the phone does not change, but the line actually changes.  For example, if the 2nd button is currently set to extension 5500, and I change the 2nd button to extension 5325, the display on the phone does not change, but if I dial extension 5325, it rings on that phone.  I did the 'Save' and 'Apply Config' after these changes.  In CM, it looks correct, it is just the display on the phone that is not changing.  Excuse my ignorance, but it is safe to say I need a software and/or firmware update on the servers and/or phones.  If so, can you please assist me with the steps on how I go about doing this/these tasks - and will this need to be done before/after working hours - not sure if it will bog the network down or if it would effect the functionality of the phones/servers.  This may be related - about 3 weeks ago, I went to configure a new 7945 phone, and once I hit Apply Config, the phone reset, however, the "Load Rejected HC" error displayed on the phone.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.


CISCO VoIP System Info:

Cisco Unity Connection version: 8.6.2ES25.21900-25

CM Admin System version:

On 2 C200M2 Servers

Model of Phones - 7945 & 7965

Cisco Employee

Hello mercercourts,Load

Hello mercercourts,

Load Rejected HC indicates a phone does not support load offered by CUCM.

From :

The following table lists the updated hardware versions that require this release.



Hardware Version

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7942G

15.0 and higher

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7962G

15.0 and higher

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7945G

13.0 and higher

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965G

13.0 and higher

Cisco Unified IP Phone 7975G

12.0 and higher

Phones manufactured with these hardware versions must run Firmware Release 9.3(1)SR1 or later. The phone firmware does not allow the phone to be downgraded to releases earlier than Release 9.3(1)SR1.


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