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Lines on some 7961 phones disappear after cm cluster restart

Call manager 4.1.3 SR 5b

Phone firmware SCCP41.8-3-4SR1S

This whole issue started with music on hold not working. To resolve that issue we attempted to restart the MOH servers which caused the MOH servers to come un-registered and the service would hang. To resolve that issue we rebooted the publisher last night. That prompted an issue where call forwarding initiated by the phone itself would not work. In order to resolve that issue we restarted the two call manager subscribers they had. After the restart now the issue we have is that 7 7961 phones out of a total of 256 working 7961 phones came up blank. They see the date/time across the top of the LCD (mind you the date/time is incorrect but present none the less) call manager shows it registered, however none of their lines display. When they pick up the receiver they do not hear a dial note. When we browse to the phone url the PhoneDN is blank for these phones. Also, I can not do a call forward all in call manager to a working number as a work around, all attempts when dialing that extension give a fast busy almost like Call Manager does not acknowledge the DN exists. However when I do a query in sql against the NumPlan the number does exist.

We have tried initiating the factory restart with no change in behavior.

Upgrading the phone firmware from SCCP41.8-2-1S to SCCP41.8-3-4SR1S

We are currently gathering sniffer traces from a pc behind an affected phone.

We are also taking one of the “bad” 7961 phones and plugging it in to where a working 7961 phone is plugged in to see if the problem follows the phone or the port/subnet the phone is plugged into.




Re: Lines on some 7961 phones disappear after cm cluster restart


The fact that "CfwdAll" not working and line number not appearing makes me think it could be a DB replication problem. Did you try running "DBHelper" on publisher and see if all the db are replicated.

When you say phones are registered, were they registered to subscriber? Can you check phone url on publisher and see if it has line information


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