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Linked Hunt Groups


I'm trying to setup linked Hunt Groups but I'm having some issues as some of the components are missing.

I have a CCM 4.2(3).

When I try to add a Hunt Pilot number of an already configured Hunt Groups to a new line group the systems returns (no matches found). I have verified that the I'm looking in the right Route Partitions but still no joy. Also I keep reading about the 'Always Route Member' option on the hunt group config bbut I do not have this option under the line group window!!

So how can I create a linked Hunt Group in ccm 4.2(3) when I cannot add the Hunt pilot to the Line Group and have no 'Always Route Member' option.

I have checked the 4.2 admin guide but this just tells you to add the Hunt pilot as the last member and select the 'Alwasy Route Member'.

Any helpful would be great.


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Re: Linked Hunt Groups

Hi Martin,

This is complicated isn't it :( The "Always Route Member" is associated with Attendant Console Hunt Groups and it sounds like you are working with a Hunt Pilot/Hunt List/Line Group setup (this is why you don't see these options). In this setup the linking is done at different levels (Line Group and Hunt List);

Line Group Configuration Settings

RNA Reversion Timeout

Enter a time, in seconds, after which Cisco Unified CallManager will distribute a call to the next available or idle member of this line group or to the next line group if the call is not answered and if the first hunt option, Try next member; then, try next group in Hunt List, is chosen. The RNA Reversion Timeout applies at the line-group level to all members.

Hunt Options

For a given distribution algorithm, choose a hunt option for Cisco Unified CallManager to use if a call is distributed to a member of a line group that does not answer. This option gets applied at the member level.

No Answer


Not Available

For example, you may want this setting;

Try next member; then, try next group in Hunt List - If you choose this hunt option, Cisco Unified CallManager distributes a call to idle or available members starting from the first idle or available member of a line group to the last idle or available member. If unsuccessful, Cisco Unified CallManager then tries the next line group in a hunt list.

Hunt List Configuration


A Hunt List lists a set of Line groups in a specific order. A hunt list then associates with one or more hunt pilots and determines the order in which those line groups are accessed. The order controls the progress of the search for available directory numbers for incoming calls.

A hunt list comprises a collection of directory numbers as defined by line groups. After Cisco Unified CallManager determines a call that is to be routed through a defined hunt list, Cisco Unified CallManager finds the first available device on the basis of the order of the line group(s) that a hunt list defines.

I hope this makes some sense!


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