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Links required for GW & switch capabilities

Looking for good links to the latest GW and switch capabilities as I need to design the below network scenario and wish to know what latest products Cisco offer to do the job.



Number of sites =2 - one comms room per site

number of ports required per site

Site 1  --275

Site 2 -- 95


Replace existing LAN with suitable Cisco hardware to provide gig to all ports and allow for POE on 75% of ports at each site

Provide Cisco UC solution  --

Site 1 --- 180 phones

site 2 --- 50 phones

Requirement basic phones with voice mail - Phone system is critical so need some resilience

One gateway router per site with 30 channel PRI 

Sites are linked by two 100Mbps LES circuits and each site has a different subnet. Customer would like Qos on UC network but data will be best effort

Customer would like a cost effective solution for this including number of days to complete the work. The equipment will be installed in new racks, customer will organise for end station patching but will need out of hours support over a weekend to migrate to new network

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