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List of in progress calls on Trunk / Gateway


Is there any way to get a list of in progress calls on either an ip trunk between CM clusters or thru a PSTN gateway. We are using CCM4 and we also have UOM. We can easily find the number of calls in progress but would like to know who the calls are between (ie A number / B number) while the calls are in progress , not after the fact




Re: List of in progress calls on Trunk / Gateway

Use RTMT for that. Open RTMT->Performance->YOur CCM-> Cisco H323 (or MGCP, depends on what you are using)-> Double Click Call Active-> select Gateways you have (Or your Trunk for inter-Cluster Calls)-> you will now have a graph showing the number of all B Channels used (or the number of calls over the Trunk).

However you cannot see which extension is calling or called. To see that use CDR ( https://ccm/art) which gives you all infos about the Call After call is finished.



Re: List of in progress calls on Trunk / Gateway

I addition to RTMT, you can also do a "sho voice call st" & "sho call active voice brief". This will also show calls that are currently active on the gateway. The show call active voice brief will give you a brief view of active call information. For example it will the ipaddress from which the call came from and where it terminates. It will show both Calling and Called numbers. It will also tell you what the current codec its using. Without brief will give more indepth of the current call stats. Very useful command when needing to identify where the RTP streams are terminating in the network.

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