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Live Record Problem - Unity 4.0.5

After I set live record at Unity 4.0.5 option using file:

I have started conference successfuly and record conference(I heard few beep signal). But after I finished conference I dont have message at subscriber(who initiated conference) Outlook mailbox that initiated the recording conference.

VIP Purple

Re: Live Record Problem - Unity 4.0.5

Is the user configured as a subscriber in Unity? Is this unified messaging? Does the subscriber receive other voicemail in their Outlook inbox?


Community Member

Re: Live Record Problem - Unity 4.0.5

I have Unity 4.0.5 and Callmanager 4.1.3, integrated. Base perpose is voice mail. I dont have problem with other voice mail in subscribers Outlook Inbox. But in Live Record scenario when I finish conference and after onhook handset, I dont receive message at subscriber mailbox that initiated conference.

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Re: Live Record Problem - Unity 4.0.5

This won't immediately help but may make you feel better.

I've recreated the same live record issue w/ Unity 5. What's unusual is that in addition to hearing the beep, you'll notice the Unity port status monitor shows a port in 'live record' mode for the mailbox in question. Yet no msg when finished.

The same user routinely receives UM when calls forward to Unity.

What is also surprising is that other users can use live record successfully. I haven't resolved this yet myself, but I've confirmed the AD accounts for all the adversely affected users exist in the same OU.

Thought about running the permission wizard again, but the permission tester in the tool depot says I have all required permissions.

Please post if you figure this one out.



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Re: Live Record Problem - Unity 4.0.5

any update on this? I'm having the same issue. It's only the admins that have this problem yet the CoS between Admin and Subscriber are the same besides access info.

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