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loading the IP phones


I have IP 7940 phones connected to an IP PBX. After the IP-PBX configuration was done, i plugged in the 7940 phone to get it on track, but unfortunately it didn't work. Now i see on the ip phone screen "TFTP timeout" and all the buttons are kind of frozen. So i tried to reset it to the default conifguration by rebooting and hold down on "#"..., and it didn't work too.

Basically the phone is not working at all, and i'm a little bit concerned and i don't know how to make work///


Re: loading the IP phones

Is the IP-pbx - callmanager ? or are you running SIP on the phone and using a third party call agent to register the phone ? Is the phone setup for dhcp ? if yes, make sure you have a Dhcp option 150 setup on your dhcp server so that phone can download the config/firmware from callmanager. the option 150 should be the ip address of the callmanager that is running the tftp service.

You can disable dhcp and set static settings on the phone.

a. Choose settings->

b. network configuration ->

c. type **# (settings will unlock)

d. go to option 33, erase configs do not press save.

e. go to dhcp -> set to disable

f. go to option 8 -> use edit softkey to edit ip address.

g. similarly edit options for subnet mask, default gateway and tftp address.

h. hit the save soft key

i. if phone doesnt reboot properly, try **#** to reset the phone.



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Re: loading the IP phones


I have IP-PBX - Callmanager, and the phones are not setup for dhcp. It's a static ip.

I couldn't reset the phone by trying **#**. All the keys are frozen. I did the instruction you had in you answer and when i plugged the phone, it said on the screen "tftp timeout" and since then the phone is not working and cannot be reset.



Re: loading the IP phones

Try doing a factory reset using steps given below(Please follow the exact steps )

Step 1 Unplug the power cable from the phone and then plug it back in. The phone begins

its power up cycle.

Step 2 While the phone is powering up, and before the Speaker button flashes on and off,

keep pressed the # key. Each line button flashes on and off in sequence.

You should see "reset key sequence detected" on the screen

Step 3 Press 123456789*0# (You can press a key twice in a row, but if you press the keys

out of sequence, the factory reset will not take place. )

After you press these keys, the phone will prompt you to press 1 or 2 to safe the network

configuration or no. Press no and the phone will go through the factory-reset process. If

that button sequence should not work, although it should, please try this one:


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