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Local Speed Dial and speeddial.xml on CME

I am getting the following error on my phones when trying to access the Local Speed Dial directory under the Directory button: XML Error [4]: Parse Error.

I have uploaded the speeddial.xml and added the following line to Telephony-service on the CME: url directories What am I Missing? The contents of the speeddial.xml as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<Title>Speed Dials</Title>

<Prompt>Record 1 to 2 of 2</Prompt>


<Name>La Hulpe</Name>




<Name>Hong Kong</Name>




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Re: Local Speed Dial and speeddial.xml on CME

If this is the complete output, then I would try to erase at the bottom and place there instead.

Let me know if this helped

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Re: Local Speed Dial and speeddial.xml on CME

Hi, try saving the following as speeddial.xml on the router's flash.

Local Speed Dial

Record 1 to 1 of 1

La Hulpe


Hong Kong


This should fix your error.

This config can be found here:

The explanation here:

Further information regarding IP Phone Services can be found here:

The "url directory" command in CLI should be the router's IP address (usually the same as your TFTP server IP address) if you want to use the local directory service.

The "url directory" command does not affect the local speed dials. The local speed dial entries as listed above are visible by selecting the "Local Speed Dial" menu option in the directory listing on the IP phone. The only other entries that you will require for local speed dials to be available are:

ip http server

ip http path flash:

which are most likely in place already.

If you want to use an external directory (eg a CUCM directory) then this should be entered as "url service ..." with the IP address of the call agent.

Hope this helps,


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