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Location and Bandwidth Manager


 + CUCM 9.1.2

 + Need troubleshooting assistance for Location and Bandwidth Manager

 + Configured Location with 40000 bytes for Codec G711 to handle 500 calls

 + Assigned the same in SIP trunk (IP Provider) and phone with Hub_None

 + But I m seeing in the RTMT more than 500 calls active via this SIP trunk

 + Got confirmation from the service providers that CUCM is sending 517 calls during the peak hours.

 + Suspecting the issue with CAC (Location)

 + Any possible way that the location allows more calls than the bandwidth configured ?



 Any ideas........


Any ideas........

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I think, we can't set

I think, we can't set specific number of calls in CUCM for a specific trunk, just we set bandwidth under location and codec in region.

You can verify it in a maintenance window by setting the bandwidth to 1 kpbs under location in CUCM after that call should not connect. If it doesn't connect then it means CAC is working otherwise needs to check logs/configuration.



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Perhaps some of your calls

Perhaps some of your calls use different codec hence less bandwidth being used. 

Alternatively you can also set restrictions on CUBE instead of CUCM.


Hi.+5 to Chris as usual :)...


+5 to Chris as usual :)

... also verify that the location you cofigured is associated with the Device Pool assigned to the Sip Trunk.








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 Hi Carlo, Thanks for your


Hi Carlo,


Thanks for your reply, as you said Device pool has been configured without Location.


Now configured the same, will observe the calls during the busy hours and let you know.





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