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Location Based CAC


I need your help to understand CAC configuration.

I have 2 sites HO and BR1.

I have created 2 region and 2 location.

The codec between site is G.729 and within site is G.711

I have configured HO location with bandwidth unlimited and Br1 location with bandwidth 24Kbps.

Applied location to phones on both end.

Now when I call from Br1 phone to HO the 1st calls work fine no problem 2nd call fail and hence CAC is working good.

But when I try to place a local call which exit from local pstn using G711 codec it also fails and get message not enough bandwidth.

It seems CAC is not working good as CAC should work only when calls are made across the WAN and not local.

Moment I change Region setting for Br1 such that within the site it should use G.729 I can make a local call.

Need to know why CAC is applied even for local calls which are not place across WAN links.

It will be a great help .

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Re: Location Based CAC

Hi, You need to check the region you have assigned to your gateway. For Local calls to the Gateway you should ensure they are in the same region.

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Re: Location Based CAC


The Br1 phone and the Gateway is in same region as they have same Device pool.Also the location is same on both.In the books it says when both device are in same location bandwidth is unlimited .I am sure some extra configuration is need for that it does not work by default.

Will wait for your reply.

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Re: Location Based CAC

What version of Cm are you running?

Depending on the version Location is not tied to Device Pool and has to be explicitly stated on the device.

Also, make sure you are routing the call through the proper GW.


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Re: Location Based CAC

I am running CCM version 4.1(3)

I have stated location to the phone and gateway explicitly .

In device pool I have assign region to use the right codec.

It seems something more is needed other than assigning region and location.

Like starting some services or changing service parameter.

After putting the phone and gateway in same location and assigning bandwidth of 24 kbps I cannot even recieve any incoming calls from PSTN nor I can make any calls from gateway.Since local call use G.711 codec .Moment I remove location from gateway and phone everything works fine or If I increase the bandwidth to 80kbps I can receive one call.

My question is as per the books if 2 device are in same location bandwidth is unlimited between them it is by default or some configuration is needed for that.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Location Based CAC

Correct, bandwidth between devices in the same location is unlimited.

Not sure what's going on in your environment, my suggestion is to look at the CCM trace logs to determine if correct location is used.

Did you validate the call goes out the GW you expect?


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Re: Location Based CAC

Thanks for your help and support.I am not sure what was wrong but after reloading the pub and sub everthing started working good.I have not changed any configuration but now it is working as it should work.

I did spoke to few people working on voice they told me that when the location is default only than device in same location has unlimited bandwidth but the concept seems to be wrong.

Location name does not matter device in same location has unlimited bandwidth.

All Good

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