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Locations based CAC and voicemail


I have a few remote sites that all uses call manager for call control. I have all directory numbers on all phones in all remote sites in a single INTERNAL-PT partition. I would like to configure the system to send all calls out the loca gateway on the each remote site but send voicemail over the WAN.

So, I would not like anyone to be able to call the internal directory number of anyone else except those in there local site. They do not have ta apply AAR as no 5 digit dialling is to be configured. I just want to send all calls over the PSTN except for voicemail.


Re: Locations based CAC and voicemail

u can achieve it through partions and CSS

in some sijuations u might need to use translation pattrens in conjunction with CSS and partions too

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Re: Locations based CAC and voicemail

What you need to do is this

1. Create CSS for each CSS_SITE1, CSS-SITE2, CSS-SITE3

2. Create PArtition for each site eg PT-SITE1, PT_site2, PT_site3.

3. Assign each site PT to its relevant CSS only. SO CSS-SITE1 will only have PT-Site1

4. Assign CSS and PT to each phone in the respective sites.

5. You will need to create 1 Route pattern per site. SO you will have 3 Route patters for a single destination for the 3 sites..

eg..9074XXXXXX in PT_site1

9074XXXXXX in PT_site2

9074XXXXXX in PT_site3

This way, since the phones only have access to the PT for their sites, they will be forced to use the gateways int heir site.

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