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Locations based CAC - Rerouting options

I have a H323 trunk connected from CCM (version 4.1) to a third party PBX. We use this trunk for 4 digit dialing. I have setup CAC to only allow 10 calls at a time on this trunk, this works great. The 11th call is blocked. But now I need to figure out how to setup something similar to AAR so that the 11th call is re-routed over the PSTN.

I do not believe that AAR can be configured to work since the device I am calling is not a Cisco device, is that correct?

I thought about adding the PSTN gateway to the route list however that will not work since any digits that I insert on the route list will be applied to both the IP trunk and the PSTN trunk.

What if I create two different routes and route-list (one for IP and one for PSTN) for the PBX extensions, each route would have a different partition and both partitions would be available to all users. Then I would have the flexibility of inserting PSTN digits on the PSTN route list. Would that work?

The only question is: If CCM detects that there is not enough bandwidth to send the call via H323, is CCM smart enough to send the call to the next route in the route table (in this case the same extension number but with a different partition) or will the caller get the not enough bandwidth message. Can someone verify?


Re: Locations based CAC - Rerouting options

What digits do you send to the other end ? If you have a translation in the route patterns and a "translation " in the Route Group then only the group one takes effect if there are two translations . So you could sent up a Route List 1st Choice ICT 2nd PSTN and have a PSTN translation on the PSTN route Group

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Re: Locations based CAC - Rerouting options

Can you insert digits on a route group? I don't see that option.

Basicly what I need to do is route 4 digit calls to the 1st route-group in the route-list (H323 trunk) until CAC kicks in then route to 2nd route-group in the route-list (PSTN PRI) but when the call fails over to the PRI I would need to insert digits, for example 9, 1-800-555-xxxx. I don't see any digit options on the route group.


Re: Locations based CAC - Rerouting options

what CCM are you running, in CUCM 5, 6 when you click on RL> RL details you should see RL detail config which allows you to enter prefix digits. Another way is to translation the 4 digit to the full E164 number 1-800555xxxx straight away without your local access number and route it over the ICT. In the destination ICT set the number of digits to expect to reduce it down to the correct number. When the call fails over to the PSTN RL it is already set to for E164

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