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Logical partitioning policy configuration

I am trying to apply logical partitioning, I enabled Logical Partitioning Globally, in enterprise parameters:

Enabled Logical Partitioning

Set it to true

created some Geo locations, under System -> Geo location and filled in the physical details.

Then applied a GeoLocation filter, this filter controls what actual settings from the Geolocation are going to apply to the device.
assigned these settings to gateways and phones, applied the geolocation filter to the device pool of phones and gateways.

defined border element and interior element.

interior element are VOIP Phones.

A border elements are MGCP gateways

Applied Logical policies

Interior to Border
Border to Interior
Border to Border

Applied policies under call routing -> logical partitioning.

.Create two logical partition policies, and established the relationship between the policies, create two policies: Mumbai and Hyderabad, set "Border devices in hyderabad trying to reach Interior devices in mumbai: Deny"

but it does not work, when I try to reach devices in Hyderabad and try conference to PSTN it goes through but ideally it should not happen.

Also I wanted to know if I can restrict an analog phone connected via VG248 having PSTN access to conference or transfer call between CUG and PSTN..

Any one who has worked on LP if you can send the configuration screen shot will be help full.

Thanks and Regards


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