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login in CCM 6

guys i have setup CCM6 on VMWARE and now at login page i put the th elogin (which i put whil einstalling the CCM 6) but its not taking it keep on saying invalid....which is really pissed me off as i built another server and it the sam eproblem can someone plz tell m ehwta th ehell is going on.....secondly is there any other username or password i can use as thgis thing ismaking me crazy????? very disappointed with i needed

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Re: login in CCM 6

CM 5 and 6 has two types of administration account, the first one is OS Administrator, and the second one is Application Administrator. The one which used to login to the CCMAdmin, is the Application Administrator.

I have installed CM6 on VMWARE for couple times and I don't have any trouble with the password. May you should check the username or password?



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Re: login in CCM 6

Nadrew thanks for your thing is i have installed CCM 6 on VMWARE(i booted up the dvd and then the installation was fine) i boot the machine and it gives me two option abt CCM6 (grub) and then th elinux machine boots up with ok ok etc....and suddenly i see login? i have no clue which login is that the password i put in CCMJ 6 while installation doesnt work.....i havent put any os password(i dont know even hoew to put it) now can you please help me out what i m doing wrong.....regards

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