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Long Distance Call timeout H323 and E1_PRI : CCM and VoiceGateway and VOIP


I use a CUCM 5.1, with 2 voice Gateway.

The first router (c3845) is connected with the CUCM with MGCP.

The second router (2600XM) is connected with the c3845 with a E1 PRI.

The c2611XM is connected to internet for making VOIP Calls with H323.

The schema is :

CCM <-> c3845 <- E1 PRI -> c2611XM

So when I make long distance call :

the call start from the CCM to the 3845 and at last int the c2611XM.

The 2611XM transfer the call to H323 VOIP.

But when it initialize the call, my mobile phone ring once, and after it is disconnected.

In my the ephone, the call is disconnected too. I cannot hear the ring tone from my mobile phone.

In the debug isdn q931, it appears :

Cause i = 0x80E6 - Recovery on timer expiry

I already configured the T310 and T309 to 60000 ms in each interface, and in the CUCM.

Any solution?

Best regards

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