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Looking for a way to dial an extension

My group has our own Call Manager system (the rest of the company uses Lync).   My boss wants a button on the phone that he can press to call a number that is on the corporate phone system and only enter the 4 digit extension.  I have come up with 2 ways.  Option 1 is to press 8 and then the 4 digit extension.  I strip off the 8 and prepend the areacode and exchange.  Option 2 is the have a line button to press, take the phone off hook and then enter the extension.  The areacode and exchange would be prepended to this number.


My boss wants a button to press that will pop up a window where he enters the extension and then the call is placed.  I am using Call Manager 9.1 and only have the 9971 SIP phones.  Is this possible ?

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You can confiure the button

You can confiure the button as a speed dial and configure the speed dial to be "XXXYYY" where XXX is area code and YYY is the exchange and then change the "Speed dial await further digits" service parameter which will allow the user to enter additional 4 digit extension.



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Chris:That points me in a


That points me in a direction I hadnt thought about.  I am new to Call Manager and am learning more every day.  Will look for some docs that show me how to do this.

Will let you know how things work out.


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Part of the way there.  Found

Part of the way there.  Found the system parameter that you mentioned and changed that.  Created the speed dial you mentioned.  Having an intermittent problem that I havent been able to consistently been able to reproduce.  Intermittently, the digits 9913 are being added to the speed dial number.  Took me a while to figure out what the 9913 was.  The first 9 is what I dial to get an outside line, 913 is the areacode I am in. 

For a different reason, I had dropped down the T302 timer to 3 seconds to get the calls to go through quicker.  I have raised that up to 4 seconds and will see if the problem I am seeing continues.

You have gotten me closer and with a better solution than I had been trying to use.  Will have to figure out why I am dealing with this minor problem of the 9913 being inserted when it shouldnt be.

Are you planning to send the

Are you planning to send the call out to the PSTN and then back in to Lync?  That's what it sounds like.  If so, that tells me you have not yet integrated the two systems together with a SIP trunk.  Correct?

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Anthony:You are correct about


You are correct about dialing out of PSTN (SIP in our case) and then to the Lync system at Corp HQ.  Corporate will not let us integrate our system into theirs.  It is what it is.

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