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Looking for solution to automatically enter LD codes for Users

I have s situation where we have some remote users that use a Site to Site VPN to HQ. Each one of these remote sites have ipphones register to Call Manager and share the PRI at HQ. The HQ telco has carrier enabled LD codes. The problem that I'm having is when these phones do a callfwdall to their Cell phones, its considered as a long distance call and prompts for an LD code. So If I was to call these ipphones while CallFWDALL was enabled, I would here the LD code Prompt. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this problem and if so how did you work around it. I think It can be done with an H323 gateway and doing the extra digits inband, but this will be an administrative nightmare. I'm running MGCP right now. So if anyone has any ideas on this, please share them. I'm currently at a lost. I tried different things to try and get around it, but I keep running into a dead end.

Thanks in advance

Cisco Employee

Re: Looking for solution to automatically enter LD codes for Use

There is no capability on the CallManager itseld to do this. Other things I can think of is probably a partner application doing this for you. But the best bet would be H.323 config for the users.

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