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low call volume on some phones

I have a CME system running on a 2800 series router that uses analog trunk lines from the telco. The system has 8 phones attached to it. Most phones sound OK but two phones have extremely low volume levels when calls from the PSTN are either answered or transferred to the phones. Oddly, when these phones place outgoing PSTN calls volume levels are OK.

Any ideas?



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Re: low call volume on some phones

Exact IOS and phone FW?

Are phones all of the same type ?

Are you using PRI ?

In any case you can increase input gain on voice-ports.

Re: low call volume on some phones

Hi Diego,

How are the calls routed to these users? Do they have their own DIDs, or are they routed via an AA or hunt group?

If the latter, it is probably not the telco. If the former, there is a chance.

I would do this: switch the phones out for these two users with phones that work for other people. This will help determine if it is some type of user error. User error is my first suspicion in this scenario.

How many other phones are there?

You can also try this on the voice ports to see if it helps:

voice-port 0/0/0

output attenuation -6

This will make the calls slightly louder and may prevent the issue from manifesting.


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Re: low call volume on some phones

I'll try out your suggestions and let you know.


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