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Low Speed Modems on VG 224s (300-9600 Baud)

I am in the process of setting up quite a few modems off of vg224’s that will need to negotiate connectivity (both in/out) to devices that run between 300-33.6k baud rates with the majority being in the 300-9600 range.

Does anyone know if this will work, and how well?

Are there any limitations on extreemly slow modems on VG224s

The setup is currently SCCP and using modem passthrough.

Thanks for any help.


Re: Low Speed Modems on VG 224s (300-9600 Baud)

While I can't give you a definite answer on the low speeds, I can tell you that as far as I know, 14.4 is likely the highest rate you are going to get on a VG224. Any of the support I've gotten either through TAC or support forums/lists say to remove SG3 support (33.6->14.4 and remove ECS) in order to make things work.

That being said, there was some mention of SG3 support coming down the line: (page 190)

It's  a brief mention, but that's better than nothing!

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