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mainnumber configuration setup in Germany/Austria

Hi All,

at this moment I 'm in the middle of a rollout of Voip in Vienna (Austria).

Everything works fine except one thing.

In Austria you can dial to the main to the main number without dialling the 00

As example if you call a user you will dial locally in Viena 8120313-65, the main number in this case 8120313-00.

Both will work

If you dial the main number without the extra 00 it doesn't work , displaying cause = 28 incorrect number.

On the old system it's working.

I miss something, can some one guide in right direction.






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Check your dialing plan.

Check your dialing plan.

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Problem has been solved, the

Problem has been solved, the telco didn't the send the right digits.

It seems the PBX from +431XXXXXXX disconnects calls with no extension or only one extension !  (cause: Inv.num format -> 28 location:user )

The A1 network sends only extension digits when the are dialed from the calling subscriber ! No further information are send to the PBX !

Only the configuration of DDI ( Direct dial in) in the switch can be modified !

Now the DDI configuration of  the Subscriber  Number  +431XXXXXXX is DDI STND, this means only extension digits are send to PBX.

Other configurations are :

DDI SUBNO = subscriber number and extension number  XXXXXXX + extension digits

DDI NATO  = national subscriber number and extension number  1XXXXXXX+ extension digits

DDI INATO = international subscriber number and extension number 431XXXXXXX + extension digits

i.e DDI SUBNO sends in the SETUP message:  Type of Number: Subscriber ; Number Called: XXXXXXX. And extensions digits in INFORMATION messages !

we have choosen for DDI SUBNO and after changing the dialpeer and transformation rule it works fine.

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