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Making voice gateway the NTP server

I recently changed the time on the Voice gateway and now I have corrected the clocks on all our phones. I am afraid that I will always have to do this.

Can someone please help me so that i fix the DST issue here permently. I was thinking of configuring my voice gateway as the NTP server. Any suggestions, comments...will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Re: Making voice gateway the NTP server

Well, it depends, are your phones registered to a CCM server or to a CME? If you have them on a CCM server I usually follow the steps below and seems to work very good.

1. Go to \Winnt\System32\drivers\etc

2. Open ntp.conf in Notepad

3. Modify the file/content in their to reflect the NTP Server IP address.

For e.g is my NTP Server

server # Set Local Clock to Authoritive Time Source

fudge stratum 5 # Resets Stratum from default 3 to 5

driftfile C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\ntp.drift # path for drift file

4. Go and now stop the Network Time Protocol Service

5. If you want you can now change the time on the box to hour ahead or back, to test if NTP will work or not.

6. Open command prompt and go to \Program Files\Cisco\Xntp

7. Type the command "ntpdate x.x.x.x" - Where x.x.x.x is the NTP server IP address.

C:\Program Files\Cisco\Xntp>ntpdate

Looking for host and service ntp

host found :

29 Sep 14:57:51 ntpdate[924]: step time server offset -10719.468824 sec

8. The NTP will update the clock/date, etc on the server and then should come back to the prompt again.

9. Go back and start the Network Time Protocol Service.

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Re: Making voice gateway the NTP server

We have CME..sorry. Should have added that. BUt I am glad you provided the above as we have clients with CM as well. That will be helpful.

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Re: Making voice gateway the NTP server

Hi Shir,

The necessary CME - DST changes are outlined in this doc;

Field Notice: FN - 62686 - U.S. Daylight Saving Time (DST) Policy Changes Effective March 2007 - Cisco CallManager Express (CCME)

For the NTP Questions;

Cisco IOS software configuration:

ntp server

To ensure proper NTP time synchronization on routers and switches, it may be necessary to configure time zones using the clock timezone command (in Cisco IOS software) and/or set timezone command (in Catalyst Operating System).

When an external connection to an NTP server is not available, Cisco IOS software can be used as a reference server for other devices so that all devices including phones use the same time reference. This can be done by using the global Cisco IOS software ntp master command in configuration mode. Also set the clock and time zone on the router.


Hope this helps!


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